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Enrollment Requirements
The policy of Jones County Board of Education is not to accept any out-of-county students. All students enrolled in Jones County Schools must be full-time residents of Jones County. The school system does not accept out-of-county or tuition based enrollments.

Enrollment Updates
Community / Public Hardship for Exemption of School Zone Applications
Applications will be available beginning July 1-14, 2014. Applications will not be accepted prior to July 1st or after July 14, 2014. Approved applications are valid only for one school year. Applications will be available at each school, the Board of Education and downloadable from the Jones County School System's website beginning July 1, 2014.

Residency Affidavits
All 2013-2014 affidavits expire on May 23, 2014.  Students & families on an affidavit must reapply and meet the required proofs of residency for 2014-2015 for enrollment in Jones County Schools. The 2014-2015 affidavits will not be accepted for review until July 21, 2014.

All residency affidavits must be completed at the Jones County Board of Education or at a designated school night. Both parties must be present with supporting documentation to complete the affidavit.  Affidavits must meet the required criteria for approval, partial or incomplete proof of residency will be denied.

Residency Affidavits will be accepted for review / application during the school year. All affidavits are subject to review and or request of additional supporting documentation at any time during a school year.

Affidavit Application Summer 2014 Schedule

Affidavits may be filed during normal business hours Monday-Thursday from July 21- July 30, 2014. Application during a school residency night is encouraged.  All other times should be by appointment during summer business hours.  School Residency Night dates will be posted in June 2014.  All nights are from 5:00 - 7:00 PM on the date listed for the school your child attends.  A parent with children in more than one school in Jones County can complete the affidavit process for all the children at any of the schools in which one of the children are enrolled in.  Birth Certificates will be required as a part of the affidavit issue process.

Affidavits will not be accepted or issued on August 4-5, 2014.

Jones County School System only accepts students who are full time residents of Jones County. The school system does not accept out of county enrollments.




Christy Prosser
Director Student Information

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